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For more information please contact Jason Rowe at 248.223.8053.

ASE Compensation and Benefit Surveys

The balance between controlling cost and competing for talent makes the need for comprehensive benchmark data essential.  Pay too much and you risk business profits; pay too little and you may lose the battle to attract, retain and motivate the best people.  ASE's Survey Services group provides Michigan-based companies with an accurate and timely picture of wage and salary levels, employee benefits and HR administration issues.

How to Access ASE's Benchmark Surveys

Use the menu on the left to search for the desired benchmarking report.  You must be logged in to download benchmarking reports.  If you do not have an account with ASE, please contact Survey Services.  Member participants receive complimentary access to surveys.

How to Participate in an ASE Survey

Invitiations to participate in ASE's benchmarking guides are distributed to both the Primary and Survey contacts of ASE member companies.  If you are not receiving invitations to participate, or are not an ASE member, please contact ASE's Survey Services.

The American Society of Employers collects and publishes a variety of local compensation and benefits surveys.  We also partner with the Employers Associations of America, our network of sister associations across the country, to produce several national reports.


Survey Information
  Questionnaire Release Date: Target Survey
Release Date:
Health Care Insurance Benefits Survey Apr / May Sep PDF Survey
Michigan Policies & Benefits Survey Sep Feb PDF Survey
Nonprofit Compensation Survey Jan May PDF Survey
Office, Clerical and Technical Compensation Survey Jan May CODA
Production and Maintenance Compensation Survey Jan May CODA
Salaries for Co-op Students & Recent College Graduates Survey Feb Apr / May PDF Survey
Supervisory, Managerial and Professional Compensation Survey Jan May CODA
National Economic Trends Survey Oct Dec PDF Survey
National Executive Compensation Survey Jan May PDF Survey
National Policies & Benefits Survey Sep Feb PDF Survey
National Salary Budget Survey July Oct PDF Survey
National Sales Compensation & Practices Survey Jul Nov PDF Survey
National Wage & Salary Survey Oct Dec PDF Survey
Holiday Schedule & Practices Survey (2014) Aug Sep PDF Survey
Pay Administration Survey (2013) Apr Jul PDF Survey
Quarterly Economic & Employment Survey (2013/2014) Apr / Jul /
Oct / Jan
May / Aug /
Nov / Feb
PDF Survey
Salary Budget Survey (2013/2014) May / Jun Aug / Sep PDF Survey
Automobile Policy & Practices Survey (2010) - - PDF Survey
Educational Assistance & Training Survey (2010) - - PDF Survey
HR Metrics Survey - Discontinued (2010) - - PDF Survey
Recruitment & Retention Survey (2010) - - PDF Survey
Severance Pay, Policies & Practices Survey (2009) - - PDF Survey
Wellness Program Survey (2009) - - PDF Survey


Peer Group & Custom Survey Reports

Our standard survey reports and CODA system provide a strong depth of analysis that will be sufficient for most organization.  However, for organizations wishing to tailor their reports further, ASE provides additional analysis options.

  • Peer Group Reports – This report draws data from a selected peer group of participants.  These reports are available for $75 for ASE members only.  Reports are available in a PDF or Excel formats.
  • Custom Reports – Draws data from selected markets (e.g., industry, location, employment size, revenue, etc.).  Custom reports can be achieved by members via CODA, which is free for member participants.  Non-participant members must purchase CODA.  CODA is a member only tool.

Limitations: In order for us to ensure the confidentiality of survey participants, we require at least 10 organizations to be included in any peer group report.  Additionally, we may limit the number reports allowed based on frequency of requests or selection criteria.

As an extension of its data services, the American Society of Employers assists organizations to develop and maintain comprehensive compensation programs.   Our services include a wide variety of programs including the following:

  • Job evaluation.
  • Comparative Market Analysis.
  • Designing a competitive job classification system.
  • Performance appraisal system development.
  • Designing an effective incentive or variable pay program.
  • Communication of your pay program.
  • Simple market pricing.

For more information, please contact Kevin Marrs at 248.223.8025.

I need assistance with accessing the compensation and benefits data.  Who should I contact?

You have several options for assistance.  If your need is immediate, contact ASE by phone at 248.353.4500 and ask for the Survey Department.  You can also e-mail the survey department.  For assistance signing in to your account, click here.

How can I access ASE’s compensation data?

There are two ways to access the data. Member participants can download static .PDF files (See "My Benchmark Surveys") in the document library below, or you can use the new dynamic CODA system. If you are an ASE member who participated in ASE’s compensation and benefit surveys, will receive complimentary access. Member non-participants will be able to purchase electronic copies for the nominal fee of $175 per report. Non ASE members will be able to purchase electronic copies for $1,149 per report, or may join ASE and receive access.

What is CODA?

Compensation On-Demand Analytics or CODA is a web-based tool that allows ASE Members to create their own custom reports or queries. Now you can control the data by region, company size, industry, revenue and other variables to build a tailored report by job or job family. You can even age the data as needed.

I tried to create a report using CODA, but it didn't return any data.  What happened?

There are a number of variables that you can select from that will tailor your report.  However, the sample size will be reduced for each variable you choose.  In some cases, you will need to select fewer variables to produce a report.

I don't see the CODA tool and the Data Center reads "Empty."  I'm logged in to my Account, but still can't access that content?

There are two possible reasons.  First, you may not been given permission by your organization to access benchmark data, or your organization may not have participated in ASE's most recent surveys.  ASE's compensation and benefits surveys are available to member participants only.  Member non-participants and non-members can purchase surveys.  For questions, please contact the Survey Services department at 248.223.8025.

I am looking for the Salary Survey and the Engineering, Production and Trade Wage and Salary Survey.  Where can I find them?

The Salary Survey and the  Engineering, Production & Trade Wage & Salary Survey have been replaced by the Production and Maintenance Compensation Survey (Job Titles); the Office, Clerical and Technical Compensation Survey (Job Titles); and the Supervisory, Managerial and Professional Compensation Survey (Job Titles). With some exceptions, these three separate reports will include the same job titles and job codes as previously included in the Salary Survey and the Engineering, Production and Trade Wage and Salary Survey reports.

How do I purchase ASE’s compensation data?

In many cases it is more cost effective to become a member of ASE than it is to purchase individual surveys. Please contact ASE’s Survey Services Department to find out more.  Member non-participants should contact the Survey Services department for access.

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