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Published on Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Do Your Employees Consider Their Work a Job or Career?

Author: Heather Nezich

A new survey from CareerBuilder shows employees are split on how they feel about their current job: 50% feel like they have a career while the remaining 50% feel like they have just a job.  In addition, 32% of employees plan to change jobs this year.  What is causing this lack of dedication?37% of employees are happy with their learning and development opportunities

The survey reveals why employees left their last job:

  • Lack of Educational Opportunities - Many employees want to get ahead in their career but aren't offered educational opportunities to learn the skills needed to do so. Only 32% of employees are satisfied with the opportunities for career advancement, and just 37% are satisfied with the training and learning opportunities at their current company.  The majority (58%) think their company does not offer enough opportunities to learn new skills and help them move up in their career. 73% of employees whose companies do not currently offer educational opportunities or workshops outside of work hours say they would be likely to participate if they were available.
  • Lack of Competitive Benefit Package - Benefits and convenience may be more important than compensation. 15% of employees say low compensation or lack of benefits are among the top reasons they left their last job. Employees shared that other than salary, benefits (75%) and commute time (59%) are the most important factors they consider when applying to a job. When asked about extra perks, 42% of employees say half-day Fridays would make them more willing to join or stay at a company. On-site fitness centers (23%) and award trips (21%) are also important to job seekers.
  • Increase in Job-Hopping - 78% say that even though they are not actively looking for a new role, they would be open if the right opportunity came along. Low unemployment and high demand for talent is feeding a recruiting environment where job seekers and new employees are in control. 51% report they've looked for other jobs even when an offer has been extended and the background check is in process, and 67% of employers report almost a quarter of new hires not showing up after accepting a position.  A tech-enabled offer and signature process that can happen fast is pivotal, as convenience and speed of the organization in confirming a new hire could impact how many show up on the first day.

So how do employers ensure a dedicated, career-oriented staff?  Candidates, specifically the younger generations, are seeking more than competitive pay and benefits.  While those are important, they also want an opportunity to grow and develop their career.  If those opportunities are not present, they will look elsewhere for them.


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Source: CareerBuilder.com


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