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Published on Tuesday, July 2, 2019

U.S. Workers Want More Training and Talent Development

Author: Heather Nezich

New research published by City & Guilds Group revealed that U.S. employees have a strong appetite for training, but there is a lack of accessible, engaging, and personalized learning and development (L&D) activity at work.63% of employees would liek to see a bigger focus on training and people development

While 82% of U.S. employees say they feel fairly well equipped for their current role, 63% would like to see a bigger focus on training and people development.  Employees recognize the skills needed to do their job in the future are changing (65%), but over half (52%) say the training offered by their workplace doesn’t always meet their personal career objectives.

44% of U.S. workers say their workplace falls short in this area. 62% of workers have resorted to investing their own personal time in learning, education, or training activity over the past 12 months – and 30% have paid to do so.

Despite employers saying they have the budgets and resources in place to invest in staff training, employees are struggling to access it. Only half (52%) of employees think it is easy to access the L&D activity provided by their organization.  Employers in the U.S. cite access as the biggest challenge to upskilling their staff (20%).

In terms of the type of training employees want to see more of, they’d like more personalized (30%) and shorter, more bitesize (20%) content. They are also interested in increased e-learning/online courses (22%) as well as coaching by managers and the senior team (19%).

Many studies have shown that Millennials in particular want to consistently learn and improve their skills in the workplace.  To keep employees motivated and engaged, talent development plays an important role.


The ASE Approach
ASE requires each of our employees to participate in a talent development course four times per year (once per quarter.)  We want our employees to continually be developing and enhancing their skills and keeping up with new advancements within their roles.

Additional ASE Resources
Public TrainingASE has a vast array of courses available for talent development.  Our courses range from supervisory training to soft skills such as communication skills.  Please visit our website to view all upcoming training courses.  Our most popular course, Principles and Practices of Supervision I, still has seats available in July.  The next course starts July 16th and we are offering a complimentary half-day course with each registration.  Invest in your talent and register here.

Custom Training – In addition to the public training courses ASE offers, we also offer any class as a customized, on-site course.  Options go beyond our general courses and include coaching, leadership development, and team building.  To discuss options, please contact Tony Kaylin.


Source: HR Drive


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