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20 September 2016

Transform the 9-Box Talent Assessment for Effective Succession Planning

Author: ASE Partner McLean & Company

The success of the 9-box depends crucially on what comes before and after. You must assess employees accurately before plotting the grid, and create development plans for every employee afterward to bring out their best contribution to your organization.  Take the 9-box from a yearly tick-box exercise to a dynamic assessment that reveals hidden talent and boosts performance from every employee.  Learn how…

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30 August 2016

Build a Base Pay Structure That is Defensible, Competitive, Flexible, and Practical

Author: ASE Partner McLean & Company

In ASE’s HR Trends & Priorities Survey 2016, compensation practices were rated 27% less effective than benefits programs by ASE members. This was the largest gap in effectiveness among all HR areas surveyed. Base pay structures fall at the core of compensation practices, so this is where meaningful change should start.  Learn how McLean's blueprint can guide you through those changes.

9 August 2016

Optimize the HR Department to Support the Organizational People Strategy

Author: ASE Partner McLean & Company

Members are constantly feeling the push to be more strategic. In ASE’s HR Trends & Priorities Survey 2016, Strategic HR departments that delivered comprehensive services aligned with business strategy were rated almost twice as effective as purely tactical departments that are only delivering the core HR functions required for a business to continue to operate (N=89). In addition, HR Strategy is the second most important driver of HR effectiveness, but tied for third least...
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26 July 2016

Foster a Dynamic Learning Mindset

Author: ASE Partner McLean & Company

Organizations struggle to increase innovation at the necessary pace of change to remain competitive, and they need employees to continuously learn and grow in order to do so. A static mindset that does not learn from failure or feedback, avoids risk, and does not value effort hinders these desired outcomes. 

12 July 2016

Select and Implement an HR Information System

Author: ASE Partner McLean & Company

In ASE’s HR Trends & Priorities for 2016 survey, HR Technology and Metrics & Analytics had below average effectiveness ratings out of the 30 areas included on the survey (N=119). As the central backbone of an HR technology ecosystem, a successful HRIS selection & launch is critically important to growing and developing a modern HR function.

28 June 2016

Drive Business Success with HR Analytics

Author: ASE Partner McLean & Company

It’s easier than you think to get started in meaningful use of HR analytics, and even the smallest HR team can take advantage of an analytics approach. Most HR departments have metrics in place, but few are considering strategic goals and developing a true analytics capability. This is particularly problematic in an era where analytics and “big data” are so commonly discussed and sought out. Communication revolving around metrics often relays isolated numbers and trends,...

14 June 2016

Develop a Comprehensive Onboarding Plan

Author: ASE Partner McLean & Company

According to McLean & Company’s 2016 HR Trends and Priorities Spotlight on the American Society of Employers’ Members Survey, Learning & Development is the fourth most important HR function out of 30 HR areas surveyed. A major area within Learning & Development was onboarding, ranked fifth highest priority. However, only 42% of ASE respondents currently view their onboarding efforts as very effective. (McLean & Company Trends & Priorities for ASE 2016:...

31 May 2016

Build and Implement a 9-Box Talent Grid to Assess Employee Talent

Author: ASE Partner McLean & Company

In the past, examining experience and past performance was sufficient enough to assess an employee. Today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous business environment is requiring that organizations begin to not only examine past performance, but to look forward as well. According to Harvard Business Review, a key indicator to employee success is, in fact, potential. Talent assessments able to identify potential, along with the strengths and weaknesses, are now more important...

17 May 2016

Modernize the Performance Appraisal

Author: ASE Partner McLean & Company

We’ve known for more than 50 years that the traditional performance appraisal doesn’t work – yet we keep using it! In 1965, the Harvard Business Review reported the results of a landmark study which tested the effectiveness of traditional performance appraisal systems at General Electric and found them ineffective (Smith and Rutigliano). 

12 April 2016

Develop a Learning Management System Strategy

Author: ASE Partner McLean & Company

For the modern organization, corporate learning programs have gone from a nice-to-have to a must-have. In McLean & Company’s 2016 Trends & Priorities Survey of ASE members, Leadership/Management Development and Employee Development were identified as the two highest priority areas for HR in 2016. Learning Management Systems (LMS) are no longer just replacing the manual tracking of training, but are a key element of engaging employees in learning.  


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