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2018/2019 Salary Budget Survey                                                        Open 6/12/18 - 6/29/18
This questionnaire collects data on what Michigan employers are budgeting for merit raises and bonus programs in the upcoming year and how those monies will be allocated to employees.  This survey will assist your organization with establishing merit budgets and pay structure adjustments; developing and adjusting incentive compensation plans; and recruiting and retaining the best talent.  

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Starting Salaries for Co-op Students and Recent College Graduates Survey

Provides a comprehensive look at the current state of wages and benefits provided to co-op students and recent college graduates.  Also presents employers a snapshot of the recruitment and retention trends associated with these new entrants to the workforce. 


    • Nearly three out of four (73%) respondents say their company has hired, or plans to hire, a recent college graduate in 2018, similar to what was reported in 2017.
    • While the percentage of companies hiring a recent college graduate is similar to last year, less organizations are increasing their efforts to do so.
    • 23% of the companies have increased their hiring efforts this year compared to last year, a decrease of 9% from 2017.
    • Even though fewer companies are increasing their hiring efforts, the number of companies who decreased their efforts remains at 3%, and we instead saw an 8% increase in those whose efforts remained the same. 
    • Statistically, the top five in-state institutions the responding companies actively recruit from are: 1) Michigan State University; 2) University of Michigan; 3) Wayne State University; 4) Oakland University; 5) Michigan Technological University.  
    • Based on hiring activity, the top three most popular technical Bachelor-degree disciplines hired in the past year were: 1) Mechanical Engineering; 2) Electrical Engineering; 3) Computer Science
    • The overall hiring of graduates with a Computer Science degree increased by 12% from last year.  
    • Based on hiring activity, the top three most popular non-technical Bachelor-degree disciplines hired in the past year were: 1) Business Administration; 2) Accounting; 3) tied between Finance and HR/Labor Relations
    • The top three knowledge/skill factors organizations consider when making hiring decisions, in order, are: 1) related coursework; 2) computer skills; 3) degree level.  
    • The top three perceived shortcomings of recent college graduates are: 1) adaptation to work environment (57%); 2) career expectations (56%); 3) compensation expectations (49%).
    • Of the seven disciplines named above (Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, HR/Labor Relations, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science) the highest starting salaries went to the engineering disciplines.  The average starting salary for Mechanical Engineering was $65,160; and for Electrical Engineering the average was $58,865.  Finance came in at $52,686; Computer Science came in at $52,513; Accounting came in at $51,733; Business Administration came in at $50,965; and HR/Labor Relations came in at $49,809.
    • Pay rates for high school and college co-ops and interns were separated by technical and non-technical roles; the average hourly rate for a college senior in a technical field is $17.66 and $15.47 for a non-technical field; the average hourly rate for a college junior in a technical field is $16.46 and $14.70 for a non-technical field.  

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