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Drive organizational performance by leveraging feedback. An organization’s workforce is their greatest asset, and the very reason for HR’s existence. Turn feedback from employees, key stakeholders, and the HR team into actions that drive organizational performance. The insights drawn from diagnostics and surveys are invaluable in informing every program, policy, and initiative that HR delivers.

Employee Engagement Program

Go beyond just job satisfaction and find out what drives employee productivity. We take a multi-leveled approach to tackle engagement from surveying, to reporting, to actual implementation support and assistance.

Employee Experience Monitor

The McLean Employee Experience Monitor is a single question that is highly correlated to engagement and overall financial results. Using a high frequency, low effort, high impact 1-question survey, we help organizations recalibrate the purpose, cadence, and focus of engagement towards leaders. 

HR Stakeholder Management Survey

Aligning HR’s goals with those of key stakeholders is crucial for HR department success. People costs represent the single biggest line item in the budget, which makes it critical that HR is aligned with the business strategy. McLean & Company’s HR Stakeholder Management Survey is a low effort, high impact program that will give you detailed report cards on the satisfaction with the capacity, core services, and relationship with HR. Use these insights to prioritize key programs and planning efforts, assess stakeholders’ expectations of HR, and optimize HR’s strategic alignment.

HR Management & Governance Diagnostic

Determine your department's strengths and areas for improvement across core HR functions and assign ownership and accountability to ensure successful implementation.

New Hire Survey

Leverage first impressions for future recruiting, onboarding, and training initiatives.

360 Degree Feedback

In today’s workforce, employees are requesting more development than ever before. A well designed 360 Degree Feedback Program is a critical building block of an organization’s talent development strategy.

Employee Exit Survey

When offboarding employees, provide your departing employee with a confidential Exit Survey, which will better allow you to identify trends and address issues leading to employee departure.

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