Government Affairs

Using the best and most up to date government affairs tracking, ASE protects ours members from legislative threats before they arrive.

ASE knows that our member organizations have an important stake in the employment and labor laws and regulations that affect them. ASE protects its members from legislative threats before they arrive by educating them on developments in Lansing and Washington that impact employment law, on the progress of employment-related bills, and their implications for employers. New state and federal laws can blindside employers and have been known to wreak havoc on business operations. Our Government Affairs department tracks legislative and regulatory changes and actively works to keep ASE members informed and prepared.

Other services include:

Legislative Alerts

ASE sends out timely alerts to update members on the status of proposed legislation.

Hot Button Briefings

Hot Button Briefings are one component of ASE’s full range of conferences and events. These are live overviews of pending or newly enacted employment and labor legislation or regulatory changes that will impact our members’ operations. They will  provide your organization with a comprehensive understanding of a statute or regulatory change, proposed or enacted,  and they will give you the opportunity to question our subject matter experts to get the most up-to-date information and clearest analysis.

ASE member organizations are always protected from legislative threats before they arrive. BECOME A MEMBER TODAY