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Improve Employee Development and Performance

A well designed 360 Degree Feedback Program is a critical building block of an organization’s talent development strategy.

With the right elements in place, 360 Degree Feedback Programs can significantly improve employee development, performance, and as a result, the organization as a whole.

Multi-rater feedback is instrumental in giving employees a holistic perspective on their performance, and as a result, an excellent way for employees to receive the information they need to prioritize their development goals.

  • Reduce the administrative burden of 360 Degree Feedback Programs with a tool that is easy to use and largely employee-driven once the initial set up is complete.
  • HR can select from a set of 10 commonly used competencies introduced in McLean & Company’s Develop a Competency Framework solution set or add in your own competencies.
  • HR assigns a required proficiency level in each competency to specific job roles in your organization. 
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed as we compile the feedback report and a threshold of three respondents per rater group is met before feedback is reported.

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on how to leverage multi-rater feedback to optimize employee development.

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