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ASE Professional Staff Management can be your organization’s HR department. ASE’s extensive human resources knowledge and experience can be applied to support and benefit your organization’s employment function. 

Are you an employer with a small professional or administrative staff that can benefit from outsourcing its Human Resource function? ASE Professional Staff Management can provide payroll, record-keeping, employment/labor compliance, benefits and benefit administration, and policy and employment practices support directly to your organization as its Human Resource department.


ASE Professional Staff Management is a service ASE has provided select members for over 15 years. ASE members have used this service to provide HR administrative support for:

  • Off-site help desk personnel residing at a client’s site
  • Simplification of employment for a multi-partner organization
  • Employment and administration of an in-house temporary or grant supported staff
  • Employment of remote (including out-of-state) individual contributors
  • HR Support for "spin-off" entities for a designated time until the spin-off's own HR department is up and running
  • Legally employing short term/temporary project workers that are not established for independent contractor work

As well as many other unique and specialized employment situations requiring human resources support and administration.

ASE’s Professional Staff Management has been providing complete employment administration services to select member organizations for over 15 years. BECOME A MEMBER TODAY
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