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Performance management is the evaluation of an employee’s job-related performance with the primary objective being the improvement of the individual’s performance. It also provides justification for determining an employee’s compensation and ability to be promoted. Credible performance appraisal tools enable managers to accurately and objectively measure employee performance that will then translate into compensation actions that are commensurate with that level of performance.

Constellation HR

ASE has partnered with Constellation HR Performance and Compensation Management Software to assist our members with their performance management to make their performance appraisals and merit planning quick and easy.

Constellation HR is an easy to use cloud-based performance and compensation management software. Constellation HR helps your managers give employees the direction, feedback and development they need to be successful. This easy-to-use software allows you to quickly establish custom weighted performance factors, develop weighted goals with predefined results including employee feedback and input.

ASE members receive a 10% discount on the service and a 20% discount on set-up fees. To schedule a demonstration to learn more about this innovative tool, click the button below.


Special Features of Constellation HR

Narrative Form
Removing the numbers from manager's evaluations forms allows for managers to have a more objective conversation with employees about performance. 

Job Factor Library
Constellation HR has an extensive job library of over 120 compensable factors. All factors can be customized to fit your organization's needs, as well as custom factors can be easily and quickly created. 

Assigning and Weighing Factors
With constellation HR, you can easily assign a different set of factors to each department or job title. 

Employee Input Form
A better alternative to the traditional self-appraisal, an employee input form allows a company to ask open ended questions to give employees a forum to express their views and options. 

More than just Performance Management Software

Constellation HR is the new way to complete performance appraisals and merit budget planning.

  • Customized recommended merit increase amounts based on 5 key variables -- Performance, Current Salary, Position in salary range, merit increase model, and merit increase budget
  • Ability to assign increase budgets by individual departments or the overall company
  • Customized options, including allowing mangers to adjust employees increase amounts
  • Performance scores are automatically transferred into the merit model for a seamless process, eliminating erros, and saving you time and money