HR Process Mapping Discounts For Members

HR Process Mapping helps you model, clarify, or improve the business practices and processes that you use daily to execute your organization’s Human Resources strategies and policies.

HR Process Mapping will help you: 


  • Streamline workflow and identify productivity improvements to get more done with a limited budget
  • Create visual roadmaps that define the intersections of work processes and key information handoffs thereby ensuring nothing ‘falls through the cracks’
  • Ensure greater consistency in process execution over time between individuals and across locations
  • Balance workload, prepare employees for change, and define processes for automation
  • Communicate clear expectations of roles and responsibilities for your team members
  • Establish measures of performance (e.g., Key Process Indicators - KPIs) to better manage performance
  • Reduce the risk associated with people leaving the organization and the high costs associated with turnover
  • Improve training for new hires and reduce time required to implement process changes
Could your HR department benefit from process mapping?  We’d be happy to discuss your needs.


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