Dependent Eligibility Verification Discounts For Members

Healthcare costs have risen by over 100% in the last decade, and one way to mitigate those costs is by performing a dependent eligibility verification. Every dollar saved goes directly to the bottom line.  A dependent eligibility verification identifies ineligible dependents covered under an employer’s medical insurance plan.  If you are self-insured, the savings realized will be significant - and immediate - as claims expense incurred by covering ineligible dependents will be eliminated as soon as the program commences. If you are fully insured, savings are initially realized when an employee has a shift in coverage tiers. Subsequent savings will also result due to ineligible dependent expenses being removed from the plan, thereby positively impacting future premium calculations generated by the carrier.


ASE has partnered with Verifi1, who provides verification solutions and advanced document analysis, including dependent eligibility verification and life event reviews for a wide range of healthcare applications.  The review is designed to confirm:

  • All covered dependents on the plan are eligible
  • Claims expenses are incurred for eligible dependents only
  • Regulatory compliance is adhered to
  • The integrity of the plan is maintained

Verifi1 finds an average of 3-8% ineligible dependents during the initial verification, and as much as 17% during ongoing verification programs. With an average amount saved per ineligible dependent exceeding $4,000, this can equate to hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings for the employer. 

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