Compensation Consulting Discounts For Members

A well-designed compensation program will attract and retain the right people at your organization. ASE will work with you to develop a compensation program that will help your organization do just that. Whatever unique considerations your organization may have, our expert resources are here to guide you in the right direction.

Here is just a short selection of what’s included in our consulting services:

  • Compensation philosophy and objectives development
  • Point-factor or market-based evaluation systems 
  • Salary grades based on job evaluations
  • Competitive salary ranges based on market rates
  • Performance-based appraisal systems
  • Compensation administration manual 
  • Communication of pay program to managers and employee

We also will help you choose and develop the best pay program for your organization, whether that be variable/incentive based, fair-pay based, or any combination of the two. 

Getting on the right track towards the best compensation program is easy. Simply contact us today to get started. 

Tired of guessing? ASE’s Compensation Consulting services helps organizations of all types take the guess work out compensation planning and administration. START ENJOYING EXCLUSIVE SAVINGS TODAY