HR Services Discounts For Members

We can provide you with anything and everything you need in the HR field. Our services are completely flexible and can be customized to serve your company’s requirements. Whether your organization’s HR needs developing, reviewing, or upgrading, we can provide excellent service at an exceptional value. ASE members receive discount pricing for all of our HR Services.

Affirmative Action

ASE’s Affirmative Action services can keep your organization compliant and mitigate risk. Our staff expertise spans over 75 years of experience as compliance specialsist working both sides of the table-as OFCCP compliance officers, organization representatives managing the AA/EEO function, and as audit support.

Compensation Consulting

A well-designed compensation program will attract and retain the right people at your organization. ASE will work with you to develop a compensation program that will help your organization do just that.

HR Assessment

Our HR Assessment will give your organization an accurate overview of the strengths and needs of your current Human Resource practices. The process is both convenient and affordable.

Handbook Development

Developing an effective employee handbook is absolutely critical in today’s legally charged employment atmosphere. An effective handbook not only introduces your organization and its employment and business philosophy to your employees, it also communicates your employment policies, procedures, benefits, and compensation programs. ASE can assist you by reviewing and updating your current handbook or developing a new one.

Background Screening

You make your best hiring decisions when you are fully informed. ASE can protect your organization from the cost of bad hiring decisions with our complete background screening services.

Drug Screening

We understand the value of keeping member workplace’s drug-free, safe, and productive. Drug screening saves ASE member organizations money every year. We can accommodate any and all of your drug screening needs, including: pre-employment, random, and post-incident testing.

Exit Interviews

ASE can provide your organization with objective and dedicated third-party facilitation to capture both data and generate insights. Information gathered from exit interviews can have important implications for many areas of the workplace.

Health & Safety

We can provide your organization with customized health and safety services. Whether your company is looking to develop a new program or improve upon an existing program, ASE’s experts can help.

ASE members enjoy the exceptional support, flexibility, and value of our full suite of HR services. LEARN MORE ABOUT MEMBERSHIP SAVINGS