Coaching Discounts For Members

Do you have a good employee who works hard but isn’t meeting performance goals? Do you have an employee ready to move to the next level of leadership? Do you have an executive performing well and meeting objectives, but with behavior issues? Coaching can address all of these concerns.

ASE uses a cognitive behavioral methodology for our developmental coaching, focused on building awareness of both strengths and developmental opportunities and modifying behaviors to achieve coaching objectives. Our process is experiential, meaning that the coaching client is actively engaged in exercises, role plays and real-world experimentation as he or she explores approaches that are effective and authentic.

We work closely with our clients to ensure the best coach fit is identified. The approach with a coaching client is personalized in line with the coaching client’s position, level, initial objectives, and personality. This helps assure a successful coaching engagement. If you think your organization could benefit from developmental coaching, contact us today.

Many ASE members are investing in individualized development where it provides a leverage point in the organization. Coaching engagements can range from $5,000 (assessment) to $50,000 (extended engagement), but in many cases the return on investment is many multiples of the cost. BECOME A MEMBER TODAY AND SAVE